Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Golden Pinky

Today I wanted to do gold and pink. One of my favorite color combo's. I think it came out ok. Next time I think I will add a little black and smoke it out.

I used Sun on the entire lid and then used Dollface in the crease and on top of that I used Cutie Pie and blended it out into the highlight using Honesty

Monday, October 12, 2009

Playing around with color is one of my favorite pastimes.
I have been a bit obsessed with pinks and golds lately.
I did a pink and gold lip that I think I am in love with today.
I applied Dollface on clean dry lips using mix drops and a lip brush.
I let that dry for a moment and then with a dry fluffy brush I dusted a touch of Sun just in the middles of the top and bottom lip. Then I put on a layer of clear gloss.
Super easy and it has so much more going on than just a plain ole lipstick!
Blue and Green is one of my absolute favorite color combinations! It is a great look on any color of eyes but especially nice on brown eyes!

Limey Blues
Today I went for a lime green look and opted to add some blue. I like the way it came out, but my camera never seems to be able to pick up the depth of the colors, it usually comes out looking unblended but in real life it is really well blended, I just guess I need to keep playing with the settings until I get it right.
I used my 88 pallate for this look, the sky blue in the tear duct area top and bottom, a medium blue in the middle and teal for the outer corner. I used Heavenly Naturals Lemy Lime for the area above the crease and Honesty for the highlight.
On Face Heavenly Naturals 4 in 1 foundation in Nude
On Cheeks HN lip & cheek tint in Guava

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Purple quirple

So I was feeling a little purply today so I decided to play makeup. I have decided I want to get back into loud look at me colors again. I go through so many phases and ten to do my makeup according to how I feel each day. Today I felt like having a little fun.
on face I used Heavenly Naturals foundation in Nude
and Beauty finishing silk.

On cheeks I used lip and cheek tint in Guava

On eyes I used Dollface on lid

Cutie Pie just above crease

Daddy's girl in crease

Diva on outer corner

and Honesty as a highlight

and Disco Ball glitter liner (did not show up well in photo)